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According to the McKinsey & Company forecast, published in the report «Disruptive technologies: Advances that will transform life, business, and the global economy», the total economic impact of cloud technology could be $1.7 trillion to $6.2 trillion annually in 2025. Most of this impact ($1.2 trillion to $5.5 trillion) could be in the form of additional surplus generated from cloud delivery of services and applications to Internet users, while the rest could result from the use of cloud technology to improve enterprise IT productivity.

Atlantis Telecom already implements these technologies.  Only Atlantis Telecom uses cloud technology to provide advanced telecommunications services among the national operators. Our virtual PBX based on one of the best world-renowned platform of intelligent networks.

Comparing with traditional PBX

 Virtual PBX Features

With cloud PBX you can pay attention to all clients. You will be able to receive calls on different devices (number of devices without any limits). Your client will not be forced to listen the boring beeps "busy", you wouldn't lose the clients and they wouldn't go to a competitor. Through virtual PBX you can make outgoing calls (the number is defined as an office) and receive incoming calls anywhere in the world where there is internet access, and your staff can answer an incoming calls from the office building. If you ever decide to move, your customers do not even notice this. Where there is the internet - is your telephony. All settings can be individually and you do not need to have technical education, to set up a virtual PBX. All it adjusted very quickly and simply.

We would like to make mini virtual tour in which wewanted to show the benefits of a virtual PBX from "Atlantis Telecom ":

CHARACTERISTIC Cloud PBX The traditional digital PBX
Update Regular automatic update, the release of new functionality Upgrading requires investment and the participation of qualified personnel
Support Free 24/7/365 Sarvise paid
purchase of equipment not required Need to purchase the equipment
Expenses for maintenance of infrastructure No
Requires maintenance of infrastructure
Simple and convenient to set up The intuitive interface, anyone can set up Requires a qualified technician
Reference to the office No, the number is saved when moving
The phone number is tied to the address
Scalability Unlimited, as the company grows
Hardware limitations, depending on the PBX model 
Cost of ownership
Low, payment for the functionality that is actually used High, PBX are often sold with a functional and ports that are not used
Expanding of the functionality, the introduction of new applications
The introduction of the required functionality in one click
Requires additional equipment, licenses, time
Ability to connect multiple offices A single PBX MIX-PBX for several geographically spaced offices
PBX Requires in each office
internal communications Free, independent of the office location For communication between remote offices require the purchase and installation of additional equipment
Statistics and monitoring of calls Access to statistical information for all calls Monitoring of calls is not possible, the statistics are limited

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