Our Advantages

We offer you an exclusive software, developed by highly qualified specialists of our company, which includes further functions:privacy - you will be able to control, configure and verify an efficient and cost, effective telephony that provides telephones office for one day, high-quality video, Virtual PBX, statistics, records conversations (if necessary), phone number portability, electronic secretary, interactive voice menus, auto informer, and much more that is interesting to the customer.

In Ukraine only «Atlantis Telecom» uses the most advanced telecommunications platform which has been successfully operating in 80 countries with 400 operators and serves 50 million. customers, 500 mln. phone calls.

«Atlantis Telecom» has a necessary licenses to provide telecommunications services in Ukraine using IP-based technologies.

Only «Atlantis Telecom» among IP-telephony operator fully integrated with the public switched telephone network in Ukraine and registered with its source in the foreign telecom operators.

Own operator code allows you quickly increase numbering capacity. Commercial numbering capacity of the selected code is 800 thousand numbers.

Network management is centralized, allowing you to replicate, scale, upgrade and build new services with minimal time and capital costs. «Atlantis Telecom» has certified hardware-software complex, for interconnection with other operators use SS7 signalization, and SIP, H323 protocols.

Technology of providing services and lack of geographic anchoring allows subscribers make international and long distance calls at cheaper rates in Ukraine and abroad (if the Internet access is available).

«Atlantis Telecom» occupies a leading position in developing and implementing innovative VOIP services on the Ukrainian market.

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