Small Business

With the virtual PBX, you get maximum opportunities that will help you to  promote your products and services not only in Ukraine but also on the global market. Millions of people all over the world will get the opportunity to find out your products or services, and time of your communication will be reduced to a minimum and the positive results of the work to the maximum, which is very important in today's world, as the time - money.

Nowadays regular stationary phone is used only in certain cases, almost no one uses post for sending letters. All of this can be replaced by the virtual communication system, which is able to carry and store all kinds of data that are essential in today's high-speed life. Progress does not stand still, it flies with cosmic speed and you have to catch him if you want to be everywhere and always in the forefront.

Virtual PBX Features

  • Telecommunication network for your network in ONE day
  • Virtual PBX phone + multichannel numbers + competitive rates for connection
  • Functionality of Virtual PBX better than traditional business class's PBX
  • Fast increase of functionality, phone numbers and lines (whenever you want) 
  • The numbers are not tied to physical phone lines and to the location of the office
  • Virtual PBX module includes access to statistical information and customer account management module
  • Easy to setup and manage Virtual PBX via the Internet, the opportunity at any time add or change services
  • The possibility receive calls on the analog phone, IP phone, smartphone or PC

Functionality of Virtual PBX

  • Call Distribution: distribution groups, intelligent call processing
  • The rules of call forwarding: mobile numbers, voice mail, another employee
  • Voice menu: Tools of incoming calls, allowing you to greet customers and distribute their calls depending on the subject
  • Statistics and calls monitoring : the ability to analyze statistical information for calls,  control and effective management of communication expenses
  • Conference call: the opportunity to convene a conference (including video mode) with remote customers, partners or employees
  • AutoInformer: convenient service, allows you to know time for operator answer
  • The call from the site (Click to Call): your customers can contact you (free) from your site

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