Virtual PBX

Virtual PBX – right step for your business growth

When it comes to choosing how to communicate with customers and clients, small business owners realize the importance of having a phone line. However, most owners are not fully aware that a Cloud PBX system comes with a variety of cost effective phone features that help to maintain a well-organized communication system in a business environment.

Atlantis Telecom solutions unite people, increase the efficiency of business and allow you to quickly solve business problems, adapting to the specific requirements of each user.

Saving your money

In the past, in order to connect to the office PBX, you had to spend a lot of money on equipment, maintenance, technical support and many other things, on what is now help to save and invest money in the development of your business. All you need - a computer / mobile phone / office SIP-phone and access to the Internet.


All settings can be individually and you don’t need to have a technical education to set up a virtual PBX! All it adjusted very quickly and simply. Personally, you will not have to wait for a specialist every time, when you want to change any function in your telephone.

Your office - where you are

Through virtual PBX you can make outgoing calls (the number is defined as an office) and receive incoming anywhere in the world where there is internet access, and your staff can answer an incoming call from the office building. If you ever decide to move, your customers do not even notice. Where there is the internet - is your telephony.


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