Medium Business

"Atlantis Telecom" offers a wide range of high quality telecommunications services to legal entities with providing the telephone number.

Specialists of Customer Service will consult you how to join to "Atlantis Telecom" network. Corporate clients may choose a phone number.

"Atlantis Telecom" offers competitive rates for long-distance, international and mobile communications.

If you are interested in joining us please contact with customer service. Entities and organizations must submit copies of the following documents for conclusion a contract:

  • copy of state registration
  • copy of VAT registration (if customer is a VAT payer)

Legal framework: activities "Atlantis Telecom" on the subscription regulated by the Law of Ukraine № 1280-IV of 18.11.2003r "On Telecommunications", the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine 09.08.2005r №720 "On Approving the Rules provide and obtain telecommunication services."

Legislative base: activities of «Atlantis Telecom» for subscriber connection is regulated by the Law of Ukraine №1280-IV of 18.11.2003 «On Telecommunications», Resolution of Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on Approval of «Rules on Provision and Receipt of Telecommunication Services» №720 of 09.08.2005.

Why you shoud join us: 

  • fast connection, don't need to build distribution cable network
  • costs optimization for long distance / international communication
  • quality
  • Credit form of payment
  • non-stop support

The specifics of the services providing

"Atlantis Telecom" provided services by using VoIP technology, so consumer must be connected to the Internet. Guaranteed data rate should be more than 85 kbit / s on one conversation with the traffic delay more than 20 ms.

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