Atlantis Telecom is innovative operator with 10 years experience in the telecommunications market of Ukraine

Our products

Why choose us

Technology platform

In Ukraine only Atlantis Telecom uses the most advanced telecommunications platform that has been successfully operating in 70 countries, 400 carriers and serves 50 million clients performing 500 mln. phone calls.

Integration with PSTN

Atlantis Telecom is the only operator of IP telephony in Ukraine, which is fully integrated with the public switched telephone network and is registered with your code at foreign operators.

Own area code and numbering resource

Own area code allows you to quickly build numbering capacity as needed. Commercial numbering capacity of the selected code is 800 ths. numbers.

Modern services

Atlantis Telecom has become one of the best representatives of the new wave of innovative telecom operators in Ukraine able to offer the complete spectrum of telecom services

Lack of geo-referenced numbers

Technology services and lack of georeferencing allow subscribers to make international and long distance calls at very cheap rates both in Ukraine and abroad*.

The legal status of the operator

Atlantis Telecom has a full set of licenses to provide telecommunications services in Ukraine.

Price plans


  • No Geo-Reference
  • Calling Other Users is Free
  • Free Voice Mail
  • Talk More, Pay Less
  • Cheap International Calls
  • Convenient to Use on a Smartphone
  • Assistance 24 Hours a Day
  • Far Better than IP Telephony on Cards



  • IP Telephony Offers Significant Cost Savings
  • Extended Functionality
  • reliability
  • No Technical Knowledge Necessary
  • Call Details
  • Easy Phone Number
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Number Portability



  • Privacy
  • Cost-Effective Telephony
  • Installation in One Day
  • High-Quality Video
  • Multi Channel Number
  • Statistics
  • Call Recorder (if necessary)
  • Number Portability
  • Organizer
  • IVR

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